Handmade Slippers
100% Made in Italy


Furlane: Silk and velvet shoes

Born in Venice I am a lover of beauty and art. I have always dreamed of creating my own unique shoes, of using rich artisanal Italian velvets and silks to create original shoes that could be worn every day.

After many attempts I had a flash of inspiration. I had found what I was looking for. I would make my Furlane also known as Venice shoes, using only silks and velvets made by fine Italian artisans using traditional Italian weaving methods.

I wore the shoes on the street and I realized that I had created the perfect shoes, elegant, unique, comfortable and sturdy. No two shoes will ever be the same as the fabric is individually made.

All my shoes are made exclusively in Italy, using only Italian materials. Designing and making a 100% Italian shoe is something I hold dear.



Furlane & Loafers

CRISTINAdiMILANO Slippers detail

Handmade Venice shoes

Artistic fabrics and embroideries

My Venice slippers are a fusion of my memories, my classical studies and my passion for handmade Italian products, making them the fruit of Italian Traditions.

Everything is handmade, from the fabric to the embroidery, from the soles to the decorations, using knowledge and techniques, that have been handed down through the generations by Italian artisans.

Velvet Venice shoes

handmade Ladies' Shoes

Venice shoes in fine fabrics

CRISITNAdMILANO is born of Venetian and Friulian tradition and history.

My  Furlane are the result of careful research of shoe styles, fine fabrics and the expert artisans who assemble, sew and finish each pair with dedication, thus making my shoes unique and exclusive.

Each line is produced as a limited edition where we pride ourselves on the attention to detail.

A universe of colour and emotion.

Murano pearls
Venice shoes velvet detail
devorè velvet detail for slippers
    Comfortable and practical to wear. The attention to detail in the choice of fabrics, not only makes CRISTINAdiMILANO's SLIPPERS elegant and sophisticated but also easy to wear. There is no limit to the patterns of the fabrics used!
  • Venice shoes in fabric and lace
    The name FURLANE speaks for itself. They are the traditional Venice shoes par excellence.Furlane is the name used in the local dialect and they are also known as stafets, scarpets or scarpez. In other regions they are known as babbucce or veneziane.
    CRISTINAdiMILANO’s LOAFERS collection offers a new version of highly comfortable ladies moccasins and winter shoes.What else could you wish for when walking........floating.
Available soon online,
your own limited edition CRISTINAdiMILANO shoes!

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